Grabbed a sandwich from Roccos & found the perfect lunch spot. I knew there was a reason I kept a beach towel in my car! What a beautiful day in Long Beach. ☀🌴☁ (at Signal Hill Skyline)

The perfect Saturday morning reading spot.

The W in Downtown Manhattan. So chic! @spg #NYC

And I am baaaack. Can’t wait for them to open in LA

So, in addition to being the best airline ever, #jetblue now gives you toothpaste…and nasal spray? (at Jet Blue)

Take me back please. #vegas is always calling. #tbt #bellagio #garden

Baseball games are always fun to go to, but they are even more fun when your team is just killing it.  Lucky for us, that’s how it has been the last few weeks; The LA Dodgers are on a heater! 
This game turned into a family outing - something we haven’t done in a long time.  My mom had me take a short cut through the industrial side of LA - she thought this was a better option that skid row.  Personally, I just want to go the fastest way possible.  The last time Nima and I went to a game, it took us 2 hours.  Yes, two whole hours.  It was a nightmare AND they lost.  I did not want to risk that happening again.  Thankfully, we left in plenty of time.
I love Dodgers stadium.  I really have a lot of wonderful memories there.  From Dodger Day with my gym (we got to perform on the field before the game) to one of my first dates with Nima.  I remember we sat allll the way out in the Pavilion. But to me, those are some of the best seats, and that is where I continued to sit whenever I bought tix for me and my friends to go.  I will be honest, I was not an LA fan before him…Yankees through and through.  The power of love right there =p

Fun night at the Dodgers game!

Heehee. Cute little turtle! #goodlife #behappy

Yesterday, I decided to start something new & exciting (this has kind of been my theme for the year - DO MORE, SAY YES).  I’m tired of the monotony that is my everyday life.  With that being said…Drum roll pleaseeee… I am going back to coaching.  Yes, gymnastics.  After a two year hiatus, I finally felt like it was time to bring it back into my life (a little persistence on the coach’s behalf did not hurt either).  

I had not set foot in a gym since I stopped coaching.  I normally would make little visits here and there, but I wanted/needed to completely remove myself from the environment.  The reason I stopped was due to work, the commitment, and really needing to find what else I was good at besides gymnastics.  After 17 years in the sport, followed by coaching, I was tired of being referred to as “Sarah, the gymnast”.  I needed a new identity. I also heard my high school English teacher’s words in the back of my mind: 

"You know you love something when you are happy walking through the door and sad when it is time to leave".

Needless to say, I was running out the door…

I did not know what to expect, but I think I should have.  Everything felt right & comfortable.  I have such a wonderful feeling about this - I know I’m going to be able to connect with the girls, and there is nothing more rewarding then helping kids succeed.

For now, I’m starting with two days per week (Monday & Thursday) & no competitions.  I’ll primarily be working with the lower levels which I love.  An athlete’s foundation is the most important piece of success.  It is a bit of a drive, but I think it will be worth it.

I sometimes wonder if I will ever be as passionate about anything as I was about gymnastics.